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The economic and social infrastructure was severely damaged during the devastating violence following the overwhelming vote in favor of independence on 30 August 1999. Homes were destroyed, government infrastructure was burnt, and institutions were destroyed by the attacks. Economic activity was weak before the violence and continued thereafter, from 1997 to mid-2000.


However, Timorese economy has been developing in a continuously high speed during the last decade due to the peaceful environment and steady society. Much rebuilding has since taken place.


The Government recognizes the urgent need to formulate a new economic route. As the mainstay industry, the agriculture sector needs improvement. A tremendous job is required to rebuild the country’s infrastructure. Our government and the National Parliament have recently adopted and approved Timor-Leste’s Strategic Development Plan – it aims, by 2030, to eliminate extreme poverty, establish a sustainable and diversified economic system, and complete the transition from a country with a low income level to a country with a medium income level and above. An eastern new emerging country is rising with eastern twilight in the economic world.


National Strategic Development Plan: