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e to East Timor … A New Dimension for Your 

Timor – Leste one of the youngest countries in the world, with a great potential for economic and financial growth, occupies the eastern part of the Timor Island, in Southeast Asia, having land borders with Indonesia through the Enclave of Oecusse, and a southern maritime border with Australia, in the Timor Sea. It is characterized by its natural beauty, which diversifies between the mountains and the coast, between the North Coast, East Coast and South, with great natural beauties, such as the island of Jaco, in the East end of the island and to the North, the Atauro island. Dili is the capital of East Timor, located on the North Coast, a city that combines the balance of their history and culture with the need of modernity, fruit of the economic, social, cultural evolution and politics of the country.

Timor – Leste´s National Strategic Development Plan have set 3 priorities for it’s economic pillars such as, oil and gas, agriculture and tourism. East Timor is a rising power, a country of opportunities for the installation of the most varied industries, from the oil dependent manufacturing industries, natural gas and copper ore, to agricultural and livestock production, bringing together excellent conditions to be a platform for the production and export of high-quality products. With a territorial dimension of 14919 square kilometers East Timor consists of 13 administrative districts, having as official languages Tetum and Portuguese, and being English the constitutionally defined working language. East Timor offers unique conditions, both in terms of climate, as in terms of soil for growing professional industries of exploitation of great natural wealth, such as sandalwood, rubber, copra, cotton, sugar cane and coconut oil, just to mention a few.

The Timor Sea is one of the major incentives for international business attractiveness, with the existence of a still untold wealth of unexplored oil fields and of all the development that is related to the income of the black diamond. Construction is also a growth sector, given the rebuilding and creation of new links, with the construction of roads and bridges between the diverse areas of the territory and with the modernization of the country, through the creation of infrastructures and the installation of previously in existent social equipment. The tourism and service industries are two sectors that have seen more development in East Timor, as a consequence of the investment of national and international businessmen, mainly in the Capital, but with untold potential, possible to be explored throughout the territory.

East Timor a new bridge to China … creating bonds that make the distance an incentive and the borders, a new business opportunity.