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Lautem is situated in the easternmost part of the island, 215 kms by road east of Dili,. It is bounded in the north and east side by the Wetar Sea; in the south by the Timor Sea. The district also possesses one of the only two islands within the territory. The beautiful uninhabited island of Jaco, which covers an area of 8 km2, is situated off the eastern point of the sub-district of Tutuala. Lospalos Township serves as the administrative and economic centre and is conveniently located in the centre. The highest peak is Mt. Legumaw at 1,297 meters high. The district’s propensity for flash flooding explains why the traditional houses are built on columns raised way up off the ground. The staple food crop is corn followed by rice. Cassava, sweet potato, cocoa yams, taro, and yams, are grown for home consumption in all the sub-districts. And the following can be found in the local markets: mangoes, oranges, lemons, tangerines, pomelo, avocado, watermelon, pineapple, sugar apple/sweetsop, jackfruit, breadfruit, papaya, banana, citrus and guava as well as most of the vegetables found on the island.