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South of Dili and bordering the Timor Sea on the south coast, this District was called Same after its capital city during Portuguese times. It was here from 1895 – 1912 that one of Timor-Leste’s most revered sons, Dom Boaventura, led a revolt against the Portuguese colonialists.  A statue of D.Boaventura  in Same marks the respect Timorese have for him. Teak forests abound in this district. Manufahi is a rural agricultural district where small farmers practice traditional agriculture, generally growing non-irrigated rice, corn, cassava, beans and tubers. Coffee is grown in the north, and coconuts in the south. Animal husbandry, fisheries and honey collection are also significant economic activities . The district also hosts the famous Kablaki Mountains – 2,459 meters above sea level, with amazing view into West Timor, as well as many rivers and streams. South on the coast, you can stop by eating huts on the beach in Betano, and order freshly caught, lobster, squid, octopus and fish with a glass of beer.