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Bobonaro is the second-most western district on the east half of the island. The Savu Sea lies to its north . The district borders the districts of Liquica to the northeast, Ermera to the east, Ainaro to the southeast, and Covalima to the south. The capital of Bobonaro is Timor-Leste’s fourth largest city, Maliana.. It sits 149 km away to the southwest of Dili. Mota’ain, Timor-Leste’s main road border crossing into Indonesia’s West Timor, is located in this district. The district is a popular destination in Timor, due to its mountains and hot springs (Marobo springs). Mount Tapo, it’s highest peak stands at 1,934 metres. In general,  Bobonaro district is divided between 3 plateau areas: low lying plains, defined by the desert and rice fields; low mountain plateau, 1000 metres above sea level; and upland plateau, reaching 1500 metres above sea level. Some of the agricultural activities of the district include the production of : Food Crops such as rice, peanuts, green beans, mung beans, kidney beans, soya beans, cassava, sweet potatoes; in Forestry/Plantations: coffee, candle nut, coconut, sandalwood, teak, redwood, oranges, mangos; Animal Husbandry: buffalo, cows, horses, goats, sheep, chickens, pigs; and in Fisheries: raw and dry fish.