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Originally there were five kingdoms which made up the area of Covalima. Fohorem was one kingdom that had significant influence. The phrase Covalima originates from the word “kova” which means a basket where you place betel nut as an offering to visitors. “Lima” which means ‘five’ represents the five daughters of King Nutetu of Fohorem. Timor-Leste hopes to establish its major supply base for Timor Sea oil in this district on the coast. Plans for a port, major airport and the rebuilding of the Dili-Suai road are under discussion. A polytechnic for Covalima is planned for 2012 and there’s talk of petroleum management and agriculture as a focus for the college. The District of Covalima is targeted by the government as a potential major agricultural supplier both in food crops and livestock supplying both the oil and gas industry, and the capital Dili. The pace of development of the district depends on the outcome of negotiations between the Timor-Leste Government and the oil companies.