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Situated 130 kilometers east of Dili, Baucau, which lies at about 512 meters above sea level and enjoys more moderate temperature. Baucau was the second town to be settled by the Portuguese, and the old town of Baucau has some fine examples of colonial architecture, including the Old Market. Baucau was also the home to international flights from Australia and the world up until 1975. The Bacau airport is still largely intact with plans for use in the near future, it currently receives United Nations and other military flights. Arriving into the Old Town, just before the airport, you will find LAHO (Loron Aban Hahu Ohin – The Future is Now), a silkworm farm that produces beautiful garments, mainly scarves for sale. Baucau also boasts pristine beaches, spring water also flows through the town and is used by the locals to bathe and wash clothes as well as being piped from its source into the Baucau swimming pool, a popular attraction with foreigners and locals alike.  One of the most interesting sites are the Seven Caves which have been carved into the hillside and which were used to conceal troops and vehicles during the Second World War. Further on towards Viqueque, you will find the colorful school of Venilale.