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Situated on the northern coast west of Dili, Liquica has breath-taking views of the Ombai Strait from its high mountain plateuas, most visible as you drive in from the capital, rounding the last mountain curve before descending into the valley. The rocky beaches are breathtakingly beautiful. Maubara is a village to the west of the city, with a historic Dutch fort located on the seaside, brass canons still pointing out to sea. Opposite the fort, on the foreshore, is a row of local stalls which sell a variety of intricate and well developed handicrafts made from woven palm leaves. A market industry of salt crystals also exists, using a method of salt collected off the salts flats at low tide, the water being filtered through a sieve and sago palm leaves, evaporation through cooking, the remaining salt paste is drained and then placed into hand made woven baskets for sale at the roadside and in markets across the country. Liquica is also the home to a Jesuit run Audio Visual school that is housed in stunning traditional thatched house building perched on a mountain top.