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Oecussi , the exclave in northern West Timor, was orginally the two  kingdoms of Oecussi and Ambeno. It is historically significant due to the first Portugese landing and settlement at Lifau also the point of Timor’s first contact with Catholicism.  This Portuguese later moved the capital to Dili in 1769 following a Treaty with the Dutch. There are many ethnic groups found in this district, with a major ethnic group being the Atoni people. The district is connected by to Dili by the Berlin Nakroma ferry which was a gift from the German Government. Both local and outside observers have observed that Oecusse people seem to have retained stronger connections to their traditions than other areas of Timor-Leste, and many locals appear both conscious and proud of this perception. A visual expression of this that strikes most visitors is the relatively widespread use of traditional dress. Agriculture, animal husbandry and agroforestry all take place here as is the casein the rest of Timor-Leste.